Migrating From WordPress Soon

This is long overdue and sorry for my lack of posts here. However, I had little time to post articles or tutorials here the last couple of years. I usually, try to post something new on admixweb. But, maintaining and updating this blog on WordPress takes more time than writing the articles. Thus, I will be migrating this blog and some others from WordPress to a static site or a flat-file CMS.

WordPress is a good blogging platform. However, the amount of work required is not worth my time considering a number of updates (which is great for others) and constants scare with plugins, backups, etc. Additionally, WordPress has a lot of features that I really don’t need and they become just another point of failure for my needs.

I don’t know which static site generator I am picking right now. But Jekyll is always an option to consider. Other options are Sculpin, Middleman, Kirby, and Pelican. I will consider more options before migrating and hopefully, I will have more time writing than maintaining.