About Me

Teylor Feliz

Hello everybody!

I am Teylor Feliz, a seasoned Full-Stack Engineer and UX Designer with a rich 20-year background in the dynamic realm of IT. As the founder of Haketi, I take on the pivotal role of Director of UX Design and Development. While originally from the Dominican Republic, I currently reside in Lafayette, Louisiana, alongside my wife and our two wonderful children – a boy and a girl.

My academic journey includes an MS in Information and Communications Technology, specializing in Web Design and Development, obtained from the University of Denver. Additionally, I hold an MBA with a focus on Information Systems from Emporia State University.

I contribute as an educator in UX design and web development at the Academy of Art University and the University of Denver. Furthermore, I offer my expertise as a UX & Development Consultant at VDK, a creative agency based in the Dominican Republic. During my leisure time, I share my insights through my personal blog and on admixweb, delving into topics that captivate my interest. If you’ve reached this point, you have a glimpse of my areas of focus.

Should you wish to connect or explore potential collaborations, feel free to reach out to me at meeee@teylorfeliz.net. Also, we can connect on LinkedIn or Mastodon.