Planning on Writing More

Since starting Admix Web 15+ years ago, I have enjoyed writing web design and development articles for the community. However, since Chat GPT has taken over the world, writing has become more of a job and it is not as enjoyable because millions of articles are generated by AI every day. Therefore, it feels like the work put into writing an article is useless because someone might write the same thing using AI tools and a short sentence prompt.

But now that Google has mentioned the plans to rank AI-generated content lower, I feel more encouraged to blog again. To be clear, I don’t write for Google but for users. The issue is that it takes a lot to write a post on Admix Web and sometimes, we could feel defeated because a simple sentence can generate lengthy articles with a bunch of keywords that Google uses to rank the pages.

In the future, I plan on writing more here on this personal blog, Haketi, and Admix Web. Here, I could touch on topics that might be too niche for the other blogs. So, welcome back to this blog and I hope you find its content useful.

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